Saluda, S.C. Sunday Dec 16, 2018 - Sunrise: 7:24 am - Sunset: 5:21 pm

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Trackside Parking Information for 2018

Trackside parking will go on sale May 7, 2018. To purchase trackside parking, contact Tony Perry at 864-980-4500. All trackside parking spots are $100.00 for the weekend. Please do not call prior to May 7, 2018.


    1. Trailers must be in their assigned spots Thursday night prior to the pull before 9 p.m.
    2. No trailers over 30 feet bed length.
    3. Landing gear must be on the ground. Tires must be chocked.
    4. Trailers must be blocked at all four corners in a safe manner.
    5. Trailers will be inspected by the Saluda Young Farmers and any trailer deemed unsafe will be removed from their spot.
    6. If a trailer or flatbed truck is put in a spot, one vehicle per spot will be allowed to park behind the trailer during the pull each night.
    7. If a vehicle is driven to the pull each night and parked in their spot, that will be the only vehicle allowed in for that spot. No second vehicle for that spot.
    8. Price of trackside parking does not include event passes or cooler fees.

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